This face has seen things.

Andrew Del Prete

God. Family. Code.


Hello World, my name is Andrew, I'm 33 and have been in the web industry for about 17 years. I live in beautiful Southeast Alaska with my wife, 3 high-octane boys and one little girl. I specialize in Javascript and have an interest in technologies like ReactJS, Node, Elm, and Functional Programming. I'm the Lead Engineer at Musicbed by day, and a running, wood splitting, and reading fanatic by night.

By Day

I've been with Musicbed since June 30, 2015 and work remotely from my Alaskan fortress. At Musicbed I help architect our front-end applications, give direction on APIs, deploy new features / bugfixes, performance, and a sprinkle of DevOps.

By Night (Work in Progress)

Dads in Development is a podcast hosted by David Hemphill and Andrew Del Prete where they talk about raising children, web development, remote work, and health.

Neckbeard is an Atomic CSS in JavaScript framework that leverages the composibility nature of helper classes and the awesome power of Aphrodite to rapidly build components. is a series of posts on web performance geared towards beginners. Eventually a video series.

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