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Andrew Del Prete

God. Family. Code.

My name is Andrew, Im 34 and have been working the web for 17 years. I live in beautiful Southeast Alaska with my wife, three high-octane boys, and one little girl.
I love to teach, mentor, and have a strong desire to aid others in excelling their craft. I specialize in JavaScript and have an interest in technologies like ReactJS, React Native, VueJS, and Functional Programming. I'm the Lead Engineer at Musicbed by day, and a running, wood splitting, and reading fanatic by night.


  • HTML + CSS + jQuery: 17 years
  • JavaScript (ES5, ES6, ES*): 8 years
  • Angular 1.x: 5 years
  • React: 4 years
  • Redux: 3 years
  • Webpack: 2 years
  • Front-end performance/speed: 2 years
  • React Native: 1 year
  • VueJS: 1 year


  • - JavaScript Promises and Async / Await video series.
  • - A series of posts on web performance geared towards beginners.